Custom services

Design, CNC, 3D Printing, 3D scanning, Prototyping

Infinity mirrors

Custom built to your specifications

Indoor-outdoor signs

Endless possibilities for your home or business

Epoxy resin tables

Custom made with high quality food safe epoxy

Epoxy products

Lamps, Chopping Boards, Trays, Signs, Art

Specialist 3D Printing Services

At Bottega we offer a range of 3D printing services and products.

 We want to offer you much more than just a product. As well as our beautifully designed furniture and artworks that are handcrafted by a very experienced in-house team, we also offer a range of engineering and design services including commercial 3D printing services.

 Our materials of choice vary and can be complemented by a variety of high quality paint, lacquer and varnish finishes. Our workshop includes state-of-the art 3D printing equipment,
CNC machines and other computer controlled technology. We also offer a range of custom services suitable for gifts and souvenirs or simply to enhance your home. Learn more about 3D
printing business and get in touch with our friendly team to get started.

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Our Brands

Custom 3D Printing Dunedin

Some of the materials we can print include PLA, PETG, ABS, NYLON, Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon and TPU. We also have the capability to print some exotic filaments infused with interesting materials like wood, alloy, copper or carbon fibre to create an extraordinarily finished product. Along with our 3D printing, we also offer high quality paints, lacquers and varnish finishes.

Our 3D Printing Equipment

As a specialist 3D printing business, we can take care of all your 3D printing needs including 3D scanning, custom signs and CNC milling. The ‘PSYBER CUTTA’, our CNC Router, has the ability to machine MDF, plywood, acrylic, foam, plastics, alloy, carbon fibre, epoxy, resin, concrete and wooden slabs. The ‘VORON’, our 3D printer, allows our team to make a wide range of products, very quickly. Compared to many of the other custom 3D printers,
Bottega can print and deliver products 4x faster than our competitors and with superior quality every time.

Custom Commercial 3D Printing Services

As the premier provider of 3D printing Dunedin wide, we just love making awesome stuff! Some of the 3D printed products we can do include:

  • Indoor and outdoor signs or plaques
  • Outdoor and garden screens
  • Infinity mirrors
  • Floating ceilings
  • Acrylic, epoxy and wood lamps
  • Ornaments, carvings and artworks
  • Furniture
  • Children’s playhouses
  • Dog kennels
  • Tooling
  • Headstones
  • Models
  • Prototypes for retail/manufacturing/marketing
  • Automotive parts made with plastic, alloy, or carbon fibre
  • Moulds for products including carbon fibre, injection moulding, concrete, epoxy, or silicon
  • And much more.

We’re always happy to discuss your custom project, so contact us today!